Season of Self-care and Community

As the leaves don their fiery hues and the air crisps with the promise of winter, autumn arrives, wrapping us in its golden embrace. This magical season isn’t just about scenic landscapes and pumpkin spice lattes; it offers a unique opportunity to connect with our five senses, engage in sensory exploration, and practice self-care. Here at Zane Counseling, we’re committed to helping you make the most of this incredible season! By engaging your senses, exploring your feelings, and connecting with others, you can foster personal growth and mental well-being. Let’s embrace the magic of autumn and let it be a season of self-discovery, healing, and community.


Autumn offers a visual feast, a symphony of colors that captivate the eyes. The leaves transition from verdant greens to rich reds, deep oranges, and vibrant yellows, creating an awe-inspiring tapestry. At our clinic, we encourage you to immerse yourself in this stunning display. Gaze at the trees in your local park, take a walk through the fallen leaves, or even indulge in a little art therapy by creating your own masterpiece inspired by autumn’s colors. Engaging your sense of sight can be a soothing and grounding experience.


Autumn has a unique soundscape of its own. Listen to the rustle of leaves underfoot, the chirping of migrating birds, or the comforting crackling of a bonfire. These sounds can be a source of comfort and relaxation. Consider scheduling a session with one of our therapists. Although we are virtual, the auditory dimension plays a crucial role in your healing process.You’re not just connecting through a screen; you’re immersing yourself in a unique auditory environment carefully crafted to facilitate healing and self-discovery. The tone, pitch, and cadence of a therapist’s voice can convey empathy, support, and understanding. Our therapists are trained to use their voices effectively to create a safe space for you to explore your thoughts and emotions.


Fall cleaning often involves opening windows to let in the crisp, clean air of the season. The smell of freshly laundered linens, polished wooden surfaces, and squeaky-clean windows can be invigorating. It’s like a breath of fresh air for your home, which in turn affects your mood and mental well-being. Fall cleaning is not just a chore; it’s a therapeutic practice that can rejuvenate your living space and your state of mind. 


Autumn is the season of tactile delights. Feel the crispness of the air, the smooth surface of acorns and chestnuts, and the softness of a cozy sweater. Sensory exploration is a vital component of self-care. We encourage you to engage in activities that involve touch, such as yoga, gardening, or even cooking. These experiences can ground you in the present moment and offer profound relaxation. 


Autumn heralds a change in our culinary preferences, with comfort foods and warm beverages taking center stage. Sip on herbal teas, indulge in hearty stews, or savor the sweetness of freshly baked pies. Nourishing your sense of taste can be an act of self-love and self-care. 

As we flow through this autumn season aim to mindfully engage your senses and notice the positive impact this has on your nervous system.

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