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Confidential therapy to support teens and adults in coping with present challenges and generate solutions.


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Cultivate a better relationship with your child by learning alternative perspectives and strategies that help shift behaviors.


Teen Life Coaching

Helping adolescents develop the motivation, engagement, and confidence to lead an empowered life.

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Haneen Ahmad, Practice Director

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What Other People Are Saying

"Haneen is an exceptional and thorough clinician and anyone with the good fortune of working with her, as a client or a colleague, is truly in the very best hands"

Tiffany Schultz
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
"My clients always seem to love her and she is very easy to work with for both me and my clients. Anytime I have an opportunity to work with Haneen it is a pleasure!"

Wendy Caamano, Registered Dietician Nutritionist
"Haneen excels at connecting with people and, perhaps even more importantly, helping them connect with the strength inside themselves. Haneen is capable of supporting people along their journey in a way that deeply impacts their lives"
Maria McDonald
Learning & Development Coordinator